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From February 10th, I will be opening my 90 Day Spiritual Mentoring Program for just a very small number of students, due to my travel, teaching and speaking commitments. Between Feb – May, I am only able to work with a maximum of 4 students on the Mentoring Program. 

May – Jul 2018 
During this 3 month period, I will open the Program to 12 new students.  

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An Invitation to Walk with Me on the path of spiritual awakening… 


From: Francis ‘fran’ Bennett

Awakening is Lonely, But You Don’t Have to Travel Alone

Dear Friend,

If you’ve had an awakening experience, chances are you have felt the exquisite beauty of pure spirit in your whole being and it has touched you so deeply that you feel you cannot speak of it to a single soul.

You may be feeling lonely. You may be fearing for your own sanity. But you are not alone. Many other spiritual explorers down through the ages have felt exactly as you do right now. But have hope, there is a way through.

Perhaps you are: 

Feeling called and motivated to awaken spiritually but simply don’t know how?

Feeling that you HAVE  awakened but are struggling to function in ordinary life with your new spiritual understanding?

Feeling isolated in your current social, family and work circles and are seeking people who really understand the new territory of awakened living?

Seeking answers to questions about experiences that are confusing, challenging or even frightening to you?

And maybe you could navigate things better with someone to guide and coach you through difficult times? 

I have felt all of this in my journey and many of my students have come to me with similar distressing or confusing experiences.

When I went through such troubling times myself, I was fortunate enough to work with several excellent spiritual guides and teachers directly, one on one, for extended periods of time… teachers from the Christian Mystical Traditions and several Buddhist Traditions.

I  found this focused work with competent teachers and spiritual guides and mentors to be indispensable to my own spiritual and personal growth.

When I entered monastic life, it was with the clear intention and determination to know the presence of God within myself. It took dedication, focus and practice……… lots of practice! There were many times when I fell back on the guidance and counsel of my spiritual mentors, as I do to this day. Walking the path of awakening with trusted guides and spiritual companions has played a vital part in my own journey.


IT WAS THEN THAT I CARRIED YOU.” ~ God ~ from the poem, ‘Footprints’


Would you like to know how it feels to work with a personal mentor? 

At the end of my retreats and speaking events I’m receiving more and more requests from people who want to enter into a teacher/student relationship.

People who are looking for a spiritual guide, coach and mentor.

I also receive numerous emails and Facebook messages from many people each week that often contain complicated spiritual questions and concerns.

Could you benefit from specific, one to one training and practical strategies to navigate your life during and after awakening?


It’s my sense that there are a growing number of people who are in real need of one to one spiritual guidance and training in practices and practical strategies to help deepen their insights and learn how to apply those insights to their ordinary lives, while still honouring the many roles and responsibilities that they have in the everyday world. 


I have been searching my heart for  some time now to find a way to offer such seekers something that will directly and  personally  address their specific spiritual issues, concerns and questions.


In contemplating this need  I have sought the advice of my own spiritual mentors and with their help, I have created a 90 Day Spiritual Mentoring Program which I would like to offer here.


In this program I will accompany a limited number of people (12) along their unique and individual path of awakening for a 90 day period of one on one training and spiritual friendship.


A 90 Day Spiritual Mentoring Program


Walk with Me - Francis Bennett


I’m calling the program, Walk with Me. It’s designed to help a specific type of spiritual student/seeker who feels a need for this kind of guidance, training and support in their lives right now.

Here’s what I’d like to offer you…

  • Weekly hour long video/Skype/telephone sessions with me for 12 weeks running
  • Unlimited email access to me for questions and concerns that may come up
  • One ‘emergency’ call each month

You’ll be given my private cell number and can call me anytime, day or night, if you find yourself going through some kind of “spiritual emergency”, which can tend to happen unexpectedly when one engages with challenging, focused and deep spiritual work.

The cost cost for the whole 12 week program is $1, 200 (payable in advance) and there are only 12 places available on each 90 day program.

To get started, complete the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll meet to talk about your specific situation and whether or not this intensive program is right for you at this time.


My Spiritual Mentoring Credentials


My background and what I draw on for such work of spiritual friendship, guidance  and accompaniment consists of nearly 20 years of monastic life, practice and training in both Christian and Buddhist monastic communities and spiritual training centers where I have received and provided mentoring, spiritual direction and guidance.

And in working closely with some wonderful teachers in the Zen Buddhist, Vipassna Buddhist and Christian Mystical Traditions. My most notable and impactful teachers include:

Teachers and Mentors from  Christian Mystical Traditions

  • Father Matthew Kelty OCSO,
  • Father Thomas Keating OCSO
  • The spiritual teaching of Thomas Merton which I studied and received formation in while I was a monk of his monastery, the Abbey of Gethsemani in Trappist Kentucky

Teachers and Mentors from Tibetan and Theravada Buddhist Traditions

  • Joseph Goldstein
  • Jack Kornfield
  • Theravada Buddhist monastic, Bhante Henepola Gunaratana, author of “Mindfulness in Plain English”
  • Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche,  a Tibetan Vajrayana master, scholar, poet, teacher, and head of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism from 1987 to 1991.

Teachers and Mentors from the Zen Buddhist Traditions:

  • Soen Sa Nim (founder of the Providence Zen Center in Rhode Island)
  • Zen teacher, Charlotte “Joko” Beck (founder of the San Diego Zen Center in California)

I also consider Adyashanti (Maezumi Roshi Zen lineage through his Zen teacher Arvis Joen Justi) to be my current advisor/teacher and spiritual friend, who I have worked with closely and personally for the past 4 years or so and whose teaching lineage I was asked to join in August of 2015.

The following are a few testimonials from some ongoing senior students of mine who have been working with me for several years…


‘Invaluable Spiritual Guidance’ ~ Jack A…

“I had briefly worked with a teacher before Francis who encouraged me to focus exclusively on the witness state.  This triggered a profound opening but no support to process the immense pain and confusion that followed.

Her teachings come from a place of authentic realisation.  As such, her presence itself has the ability to clarify the mind and allow realisations to dawn.  I can feel her presence with me in times of difficulty and am sure subtle teaching is taking place between us when we aren’t together.  

Fran’s guidance has been invaluable to me.  I have gone from being frightened, lost and confused to feeling grounded, integrated and aware.  I feel like a more refined version of myself than I was when I first met Francis.  The support of a true spiritual guide is vital for the majority of seekers.  Francis is a true spiritual guide.”

‘Teaching Through a Living Example’ ~ Serene M…

“Francis Bennett embodies a beautiful blend of an awakened being and a fully vulnerable human being… through spending time with her as a teacher, mentor and a friend, she teaches me as much by example as she does when leading a retreat.

Her spirit has helped me both embrace my human qualities, as well as expand my capacity to live to the fullness and depth of what I have realised.

I am forever grateful for her shining light in this world… thank you Francis- your authenticity is so inspiring!”

‘A Quiet, Powerful Devotion to Love’ ~ Paul D…

Having known Francis for a couple of years now, I am reminded whenever I hear a teaching, and upon every meeting, of her quiet devotion to what matters to us all. In a simple and loving way, she teaches through her actions and soft reasoned words, with a guidance that has a direct ease. I find Fran is very approachable during times of confusion.

I enjoy her soft, quiet way…. “She’s a dynamite gal!”

‘Her counsel and guidance has turned my life around’ ~ Rob K…

“Francis came along at a critical time in my life. My spiritual search was on fire again, but I was very unbalanced and confused by the messages coming from the over saturated spiritual awakening scene on social media. She  showed me that awakening isn’t at odds with living a fully embodied joyful and sometimes painful human life, that I don’t have to deny life or think of it as a mistake or not real. She showed me that an awakened life it isn’t separate from our relationships, our work, the things we are passionate about and the things that make us unique as individual, one of a kind human beings.

Her counsel, alongside consistent, simple but deep practices of meditation, surrender and service, all of which inform one another, have given me deeper insights into my true universal self, yet have also improved my overall day to day happiness, relationships, and even helped me to discover my true life’s calling. I credit Fran as the biggest influence in turning my life around.”


What I am looking for are 12 committed people who feel called to do this focused and disciplined 90 day program and are willing to really commit to it. If you feel called to commit to this, just click the link below and schedule a free initial 15 minute consultation with me so we can determine and discern  together whether or not this 90 day program seems to be a good fit for your life’s journey right now.

The cost for this  program is: $1, 200

Complete the form below and we’ll set up a free 15 minute consultation where we can decide if this program is right for you at this stage of your life journey… and if it is, we can begin working together to support you in your life and awakening journey.


“Enlightenment is just a metaphor… the real thing is you, here now…”




Love and blessings ~ Francis ‘fran’ Bennett

P.S. Please be aware that this program is not suited for people who are not ready to make a serious and firm commitment to daily practice or who want quick fixes, spiritual highs or entertainment. If you’re unable to commit time and focus to your own practice and to fully confront the issues that will arise for you during your 90 day program, this program may not be the right one for you. 


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