Welcome to The School for Contemplative Living


We opened The School for Contemplative Living in June 2016 with our first complete online course ‘Full Circle Awakening ~ A Map of the Spiritual Journey’. Since then we have added ‘Everyday Meditation – A Practical Guide’ and are soon to release our latest course, ‘Secrets of the Christian Mystics’. 

My vision for The School for Contemplative Living, is for an online space where you can deeply explore the journey of awakening and develop contemplative practices that support you and the people in your life on that journey.

Living an awakened life is to live an engaged, active life of contemplation, surrender and service; where spiritual practices need not only occur in isolation, at specific times or cloistered away in a separate place but are interwoven into the natural way that you live your life in the world and with others.

Over the coming months new video and audio course material will be added to the school. We are hoping also to provide some downloadable e-Book content this coming year.

It is my sincere wish that you may find the teachings here a blessing in your life, aiding you along the ever unfolding path of an awakened life.

Take a look at the details for each of our courses via the links on the Courses Page.



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