Many folks want to be spiritual or awakened or enlightened, but they don’t quite know how to go about it…It might be a good analogy to reflect on how we actually get to learn something as mundane and ordinary as how to play tennis for example.
If we want to learn how to play tennis, we may engage a tennis teacher or a coach and have regular meetings with them in order to receive guidance and instruction.

But when we have meetings each week with our tennis coach, we don’t simply sit around and talk with them about tennis…We have to PLAY tennis and receive tactical feedback about how we actually play…There might be moments of explanation and technique, and theory about playing tennis that is part of the instruction, but eventually, our coach needs to see us actually play in order to determine what level of ability we have, where we are at, what kind of guidance and help we need, and where we need to go in our experience of playing tennis in order to become a good tennis player…

But many feel that “living a spiritual life” simply involves reading a bunch of spiritual books, learning abstract spiritual notions and concepts and talking about them with others on social media..

But spiritual practice is needed in order to actually engage the level of Spirit or pure consciousness. And once engaged on that level in our actual experience, we begin to gain insight and understanding of Spirit based on our own direct experience.

We cannot simply read about spirituality and occasionally sit quietly every now and then, when we feel like it, have discussions about spirituality or awakening with our friends, and then expect to wake up one day willy nilly..This is no more likely than learning to play tennis by getting together once a week and talking about playing tennis with our coach, reading books about tennis and getting into tennis playing discussion groups. If we take that approach to learning how to play tennis we will only end up developing abstract notions about playing tennis that have no real practical application and we will come no closer at all to actually learning how to play tennis.

No… order to learn how to play tennis, we have to actually play tennis!