The mystery that we sometime call, “God” is not some nebulous force that simply placidly and in a detached manner, watches the world with no engagement or interest…The mystery we call God is both beyond the personal and yet is also entirely personal. Or perhaps more accurately, we might say that the reality of God transcends the categories  of personal and impersonal…God is therefore trans-personal. God loves, not only creation or the cosmos in general. God loves individuals. God loves you and me. God is entirely ravished by your beauty, your utter uniqueness, your singular exquisiteness. God wants to dance with you passionately. Best of all for all of us, God is the perfect Lover, loving us into loving all, even our enemies.

In God everything is a divine conspiracy an opportunity; Every­thing that is turned over and surrendered to God is filled with possibility, that which seems to be the “worst” as well as the “best”. Saint Catherine of Sienna said, “All the way to heaven is heaven because the Christ (the Christ consciousness within us all) is the Way.”  This Christ within is the presence of God that holds us in being..that is the very ground of our being.

God can redeem and make use of even the worst and most painful past. We are already forgiven, even before we ask. All our mistakes and errors are able to turn out for our good and our growth in wisdom and understanding..Our worst mistake can become our most valuable lesson.. No matter how badly we seem to mess up our life…. when we turn the mess maker and the mess over to God, God unmesses the mess maker, and makes an asset of the mess as well!

Redemption of the present also retroactively, redeems the past. Put first the Kingdom of God, and the kingdoms of this world become yours as well. When we consciously live in God we lose nothing worth keeping and get everything worth having. Moreover, all the personal potentialities for good within us are brought to fruition in God.

God is the One we need, we who seek to do divine works and follow the Christ example of the divine human.  When we face a crisis in our life, we find that we need the conscious awareness of God’s presence within us to rise up in our hearts and guide us from within as well as from without.

We need God every hour, every minute of the day, to teach us and inspire in us what to say right now, and what to do right now and what not to say and do as well. We need undying devotion to God’s presence within us…We need to lovingly practice the presence of God in this moment with deep devotion. Lucky for us, the presence that we have such devotion to…is already within us……In fact, we ARE the presence of God. Therefore, the seeming duality of devotion leads us ultimately to the truth of non-duality and oneness. Even the greatest saints and sages retain a remnant of duality for the sake of devotion……We retain a sense of the beloved and the lover for the sake of the divine dance of the lovers, the pas de deux….the pass of two dancers in love……for devotion sake.