God is dancing the unique dance that is you and me………





Many people feel or believe that a spiritual awakening to the universal, transcendent Self beyond name and form somehow deletes or cancels out name and form altogether. They believe that once a deep abiding awakening happens, all psychological issues simply dissolve away in a puff of smoke, never to be seen again and that all identification with the body and its various issues also vanishes and ever after, the awakened one somehow experiences ONLY the transcendent aspect of who they are.

There certainly is a stage of awakening that happens right after the discovery of the transcendent dimension, which tends to eclipse for a time, the sense of being merely or exclusively a human being, with a body, a mind, a personality….. Some people even talk about a sense of the personal “me” utterly “falling away” as an insubstantial chimera.

This is simply the result of seeing clearly that the personal identity is not ultimately or exclusively who I am……It cannot be ultimately who I am because it is simply not ultimately real in the sense that it does not exist in any immutable, abiding form…The personal me and you, along with every form, is most definitely a verb rather than a noun…….

It does indeed exist, but only ephemerally and temporarily. And yet, within that ephemeral form, animating that form, is the transcendent Spirit of Life that we awakened to….

So when we awaken up and out of the idea and belief that we are limited to a passing body and mind identity…when we come to realize who we are on the infinite , unchanging level of ¬†pure consciousness itself, we can see, for the first time, what it really means to be in bodily form. We then see that the bodily form we were exclusively identifying with is really only temporary, passing, constantly changing. We are then grounded on the foundation stone of pure immutable, infinite consciousness. This becomes the still, unchanging center from which we begin to live our lives. So for the first time we are now able to see our ordinary, personal incarnation in its proper context. We see clearly what it is and we see clearly what it is not…We now understand that it is not the be all and end all of our existence..We see it as the beautiful fleeting dance that it is…and we genuinely come to appreciate it and even embrace it for the first time. Before that time we can’t really properly embrace it because our concept of it as being who we are exclusively is an illusory concept.

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Not only does awakening not delete out various human emotional and physical issues and expression…It puts us in a place where we can really for the first time, deal with such issues in a totally appropriate and effective way.

Once we actually awaken to an authentic and lived understanding of our innate perfection in universal identity or, if you like, come to see who we are on the level of spirit – the inhibitions, fears and lack of acceptance of our personal selves melts away in the unconditional openness of Spirit…..and the new discovery of the peace, freedom and perfection found in the Self or Christ Consciousness, dawns on us and provides a firm foundation from which we can navigate any difficult challenge that may come up in ordinary, everyday consciousness.

We then have the needed objectivity to look at and respond skillfully to all the personal aspects of who we are..We see how best to live these personal aspects of self in the world. We come to terms with our personal giftedness, our weaknesses, our personal and professional relationships and roles, our sexuality, our gender identity and what that means, our particular and unique call in the world.

So awakening is ultimately about the full flowering of the human experience on every level of our being and not just on the transcendent level….Nothing at all in the human experience is excluded in awakening. Awakening seems to initially be all about awakening to a transcendent dimension of reality…But subsequent to the transcendent awakening there is a clear awakening also to the imminent dimension, the everydayness of being a human being..In fact, not until we see clearly who we are on the transcendent level can we really know who we are with any perspective on the ordinary relative level……Until we see that we are not limited to the relative level, we can not really see it with any wisdom..When we think that all we are is a body and mind, we are only seeing a small aspect of who we are.

But as awakening comes full circle and we realize who we are fully on both a divine and human level, we begin to see that God is dancing this unique dance that is the personal you and me…and we begin to take joy in all aspects of the dance……