There is a new monasticism that has been set loose in the world. It is not confined to literal cloisters of wood and stone but has developed and returned to the inner cloister of the heart. The walls of this new monastery encompass the whole world.~ Francis Bennett.

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Embodying the essence of pure, unconditioned spirit is not an exercise is escaping who you are but of embracing who you have always been.

A Transpersonal Teaching

Since Francis left the monastery and began teaching around the world, she has continued to emphasise the importance of returning to our personal bodies, minds and whole self while embracing the transformative power of the divine.

“Transcending our personhood by rising up and out of an egocentric perspective is a vital step along the path of awakening. Transcendence however is not the end of the journey and even genuine and abiding experiences of the transcendent realm of consciousness can tempt us into hiding in the absolute, seeking refuge from the painful challenges of being in a sensitive human form. The end is really just the beginning… the beginning of living a life of unconditional openness to who we really are.”

For Francis, this has meant to finally become the women she has always been inside.


“A profound appreciation and acknowledgement of our full humanity is not an obstacle to awakening, it is one of the fruits of it”. 


If we have reached the top of the mountain, we are encouraged not to stay there and indulge in the wider view only for ourselves… but to come down from the mountain and take our new perspective into the village.

“The return movement of a Full Circle of Awakening takes us on a journey of integration, in which we now begin to move through the world of the relative with the wisdom of the absolute.” ~ Francis Bennet, Barcelona 2016 (These first recorded talks of Francis speaking from her outward appearance as transgender will soon be available to purchase and listen to on this website).

In recent years, Francis has been undergoing a transformation to become who she has always been. In public talks and writings, she has been sharing her journey of transformation with friends and students, explaining that it is because she knows who she is on the level of spirit that she is even capable of taking the steps to embrace who she is and has always been on the level of body and mind.

As Ken Wilber has written about in his integral model, transcendence doesn’t leave anything behind. All of our levels of human development are ‘transcended and included’ in the infinite and eternal reality of pure consciousness.

“I feel no personal anxiety around all this at this point, although I did at various times in my life growing up. I have come to see and make peace with the fact that this is simply my personal makeup as a physical/emotional/spiritual being. It is how I find myself to be and how I always have been as far back as I can remember, and so, for as long as any of you have known me, I have had this reality in my life. I am what I am and have always been that, even though I may not have known about it consciously myself or may not have known what to call it or do about it. It was always clear to me on some intuitive level that I was “different” in this way.”


Read more about Francis’ transpersonal journey here:

I Am That I Am Book by Francis Bennett
While living in a Christian, contemplative monastery of the Roman Catholic Tradition in Montreal Quebec, Francis experienced a major “shift” in consciousness that changed her whole experience of life and spiritual perspective, basically overnight. Her spiritual director at the time, a seasoned priest formed in the classical Ignatian School of spiritual direction (created by Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit Order), encouraged Francis to write a journal about her spiritual experiences and insights, particularly about the profound perceptual/psychological shift in consciousness that had happened during and after her “epiphany” in the Church Service in 2010.

Her spiritual director felt that this journaling might help Francis to clarify for himself just what had happened to him and to explore further and reflect on the spiritual/psychological implications of this deep shift

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