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While living in a Christian, contemplative monastery of the Roman Catholic Tradition in Montreal Quebec, Francis experienced a major “shift” in consciousness that changed his whole experience of life and spiritual perspective, basically overnight.
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Welcome to Finding Grace At The Center

This is the website of Francis Bennett. This website will be exploring the reality of grace, God’s presence, the pure, spacious awareness that is always effortlessly present at the very center of your being. Explore this website, listen to or read some of the teachings offered here, investigate the mystery of who you really are.

Who you already are and always have been, is the beloved child of God, infinitely loved, filled with God’s presence, filled with well-being and contentment, already one with God in the deepest center of your heart. You are indeed not separate from the God you have been seeking to find your whole life long.

Perhaps you just haven’t woken up yet to this wonderful fact! I hope this site will help you discover the truth about yourself. The wonderful truth about who you really are and who you always have been!


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There is something ironic about discovering this key to happiness:
even though we may spend a lifetime looking for it everywhere we can think of, 
it has always been within us all along